In 1936, Abdulaziz and Mohammed Abdullah Aljomaih founded their company in Shaqraa province (200 km from Riyadh) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During four years, the company has expanded and the brothers moved the hub of their business to Riyadh, embarking on a stage of growth and diversification. After ten years, they opened two branches in Jeddah and Dammam.

In the mid-fifties, the boom phase that affected the Saudi economy started, and followed by a prosperity in industry, commerce, education, health care and social services, and other aspects of life in the kingdom. During this period, the two brothers laid the foundation of a business entity that has become one of the main pillars of the Saudi business and trade sector; they called it "AAC group."

The Company is mainly engaged in many sectors including manufacturing, sale and distribution of products, investment, information technology, engineering, finance, real estate, oil, gas, water and electricity.

Over five decades, AAC group has been distinguished in the sector of trade and the distribution of cars in partnership with General Motors; one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the United States. The AAC group excelled in this area through achieving many awards and most recently GM Grandmasters Award for its excellence in size sales, customer satisfaction, maintenance services and spare parts for three years in a row. Soon AAC became the largest distributor of General Motors in the Kingdom and the Middle East in terms of sales volume. Now it has a branch network of more than 100 exhibitions and distributed services center in various regions of the Kingdom.

Years later, AAC occupied a leading position in the import and distribution of cars, tires, lubricants, construction and agriculture equipment. In this framework, the Group held strategic partnerships brought them closer to many international companies, particularly Shell Oil Company, Yokohama tires, and PepsiCo, and many other leading global companies, which many of them still exists today.

In the 1967 year, the group took a quantum leap in its journey, it has strengthened its business in the vehicles sector through AAC Company, the company has become the authorized distributor of General Motors Corp, and a number of other car companies. The company's branches reached several cities in the Central Region and the Western Region, Eastern Region in KSA. In seventies and eighties, the group maintained its efforts in expanding its business and seizing investment opportunities to become one of the largest business groups not only in the kingdom, but also in the Arab world as well. ِAchieving that through relying on the value of trust، integrity، commitment to the highest levels of quality، customer satisfaction، and concentration on the work team through a distinct work environment that motivate their innovation and creativity and provide them with career and personal growth opportunities. It also strives to serve the communities in which it operates.

Today, AAC is the largest agent for General Motors in the Middle East.

AAC.. Five decades of leadership

Since its founding in 1967, AAC Company has emerged as one of the most specialized companies in the automotive business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and soon occupied a leading position on the Saudi market level.

Based on the company's fifty years expertise in the business of selling cars and related services in the Saudi market, the company has an impressive distribution network covering three major cities in the Kingdom, in addition to other areas. It is the exclusive agent for Cadillac and the authorized distributor for Chevrolet and GMC. AAC enjoys an excellent reputation built on the five values of the company.

AAC offers new and used car sales services supported by multi credit and financing facilities, which suit different customers. It also supplies GM and ACDelco Parts.

Our vision

To make AAC Company the leader in providing integrated solutions in the automotive industry sector in the Middle East

Our mission

To become a global trade group, the favorite choice, and the leading entity in the Kingdom with our various commercial, industrial and investment operations. Moreover, to enrich the provided value to the stakeholders, and contribute effectively to the community Service.

Our message

Strengthen the customer's loyalty by granting them integrated solutions that exceed their expectations. Promoting the staff's affiliation and loyalty to the company through permanent development, financial rewards, confirmation of the continued support of our shareholders through the encouraging financial as well asmoral returns that motivate performance, and community service in all areas and at all levels.




3-Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

4-Investment in the team as the most important supplier

5-Community service Contribution


-The official agent for GM since 1967.

-A team that contains more than 3,300 employees across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

-Located in more than 16 city

-32 saleroom widespread across the kingdom

-18 integrated post-sale service center

-17 quick service center which provide services within an hour

-27 Spare parts sales center

-The Biggest agent of Chevrolet and GMC from GM in the Middle East

-Exclusive dealer for Cadillac cars in the kingdom and the largest distributor for Cadillac in the Middle East

-Many awards winner in the areas of sales, customer satisfaction, after sales service, and spare parts sales

Comprehensive solutions from AAC

Our strategy relies on providing you with "integrated solutions" as a comprehensive solutions supplier. By selling the best cars with the best prices along with the best ownership experience through exceptional customer service. That helped the Company to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction in pre/during/post selling services in the Kingdom.

The company is proud of its strategic partnership with many international companies like General Motors, Shell, PepsiCo, Yokohama, Mobily, and others.

AAC is looking forward to become the comprehensive solutions supplier in the automotive sector in the Middle East, and to improve the customer services and maintain their loyalty through continuously meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Tributes and Awards

AAC Company has won many prestigious tributes and awards for its outstanding performance in sales and post-sales services, spare parts, and satisfying the customers. The Company is the only GM's dealer in the Middle East to have won GM's Board Challenge every year in a row since its establishment. Aljomaih Automotive Company is the only dealer in the Kingdom to have been awarded the Gold Level by GM for parts and service excellence.

The Company is also the only dealer to attain full accreditation for all its parts and service centers. Aljomaih Automotive Company provides comprehensive servicing and maintenance for its range of GM vehicles, together with exclusive facilities for its Premium Brand's customers of Cadillac vehicles. In addition, the Company is the sole representative for "AC Delco Service Centers Quick Service" in Saudi Arabia, with a fast-growing network of AC Delco Service Centers.

AAC is also characterized by its programs and initiatives in the field of Corporate social responsibility.